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Extreme Pepperoni 10"

Kevin Pickering
By far one of the best pepperoni pizzas I've had. It has all the great qualities of a chain pizzeria (with no insult intended) with the fine sublimes of hand and homemade pizza. Sheer bliss. Thank you for an awesome experience. Can't wait for tomorrow's leftovers! BTW, the garlic butter is beyond decadence!...

6 Injected Bread sticks

Robin Black
I am pretty sure my family has ordered everything on this menu at least once, and we are NEVER disappointed. Poppin' Pizza is simply the best food for the best price in town....

2 liter Sprite

montijhara ray
I have to buy a pop everytime it refreshing n quist your thrist .

Icecream Float

montijhara ray
Very good pizza it here all the time better than domino s

Extreme Pepperoni 10"

pamela stewart
Boy there really is alot of pepperoni on this pizza...So good!

3 Topping Calzone

Chelcia Peterston
This is the BEST calzone ive ever had. and it has the most topping choices , and it even taste good re-heated! pop n pizza really is a GREAT delivery choice whenever you want something good to eat....